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Use of facilities is at guest's own risk.  Acorn Resort LLC is not responsible for accidents.  

GUESTS are the total number of individuals on the property, overnight or otherwise. Booking guests shall be financially responsible for breakage, theft, or vandalism. 

NO pets allowed.  Acorn Resort is a pet free air bnb.  There will be a $250.00 fine, in addition to charges for damage and cleaning.

NEW pots and pans.  Use only plastic utensils on pots and pans.  HAND WASH ONLY.  Any damage will be assessed $100.00 to replace items.

If any guests have checked in and use the facility (use the bathroom,  use the showers, unmake beds use the kitchen,  or hot tub)  then decide to check out for whatever reason, they will be charged $150.00 cleaning fee, in addition to airbnb's policies.

NO SMOKING (ABSOLUTELY no smoking in the building or screened in porch. 
A $200 fine will be assessed when tobacco materials are found. (This is a log house and highly combustible.)
Smoking allowed in fire pit area ONLY. Throw the butts in the fire pit ONLY.  
Butts found elsewhere are subject to the $200 fine
No open fires other than the grill and fire pit.
ABSOLUTELY NO fireworks permitted anywhere on the property. $200 fine for fireworks.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES adjust or alter the visual audio systems.  There will be a $100.00 charge for the technician to put it back the way it was.

Check-in is after 5 PM, Check out before 11 AM.  Please strip the beds and place all linen and towels in the hampers located in each room.  Double check to make sure you have not accidentally misplaced any linens. 

There is a dump cart on the driveway.  I appreciate you keeping the resort clean.  NOTE:  More than 2 Trash bags found anywhere other than the wastebaskets and not put in the dumpster will have a $25 clean-up service fee added to your fees.

$50 per guest per day over 8 guests including day guests will be assessed.

The west wing is a private area and is off limits.
Guests shall be respectful of neighbors and others.
Please clean up after yourselves.  Place refuge in the yellow lid 95-gallon tote container.
Guests shall leave things clean and as they found them. Nothing shall be removed from the rooms, or changed from room to room. Everything should be put back in the correct places.    There will be a $250.00 charge if excessive cleaning is needed.

Hot Tub Rules
Guests SHALL be medically fit to be in the hot tub
Guests MUST shower first to remove body oils.
Plastic cups available for hot tub area.
NO food allowed in the hot tub.
NO children allowed in the hot tub.
Use common sense in the hot tub. 
Please do not adjust the hot tub temperature because the hot tub will shut itself off. There will be a $100.00 reset fee assessed. 
In case of the hot tub trips, the reset is on the porch breaker box
After use
Cover tub.
Start CLEAN cycle (leftmost button on outside control panel)

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